In just a few months, we have seen hundreds of young musicians that are a part of Alice Cooper's Solid Rock use the Bravo Tip or Pay mobile phone app. It is very inspiring to see the teenagers that our charity serves learn technology and networking skills and at the same time be encouraged to further pursue their music and creative endeavors. Bravo Tip or Pay has been a great partnership and we look forward to seeing their continual growth and expanding more ways to align with them." Randy Spencer, Director of Partnerships at Alice Cooper's Solid Rock.

Successfully used to for P2P payments as well as P2B. Very cool! Looking forward to using it to tip for services received. Very cool!

John Pugh

Love the Bravo app! Loads quickly on iPhone, easy to use, and as a street performing musician no tip jar needed. Earn or provide tips from convenience of your phone. What more can you ask for? I believe it's the future of tipping artists, valets and all other service providers and its here now! Go for it! It works and it's so simple to use.


Testimonial Video from Ryan Rabish, Owner, Integrity and Desert Valet Parking