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Share money, not your data.

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"Husband and wife team Dr. Hector Rodriguez and Maria Luna found it frustrating when they wanted to tip or pay a service provider and didn't have cash. As we move to a more cashless society, it's getting more difficult to pay for things when there's no credit card machine available..." Read more on Shark Tank Blog

Send and Receive From People Nearby

Use BRAVO to find service professionals and others near you securely using your GPS location. BRAVO never discloses your actual location, it only shows who's nearby.

Securely Pay Strangers

Sharing phone numbers and email addresses with strangers can be risky. With BRAVO, there is no need to share any personal information; simply search for people by username or BRAVO code on our “SEARCH” tab or find them by proximity in our “NEARBY” tab.

Chat With Fans

Send and receive messages from fans, leave ratings for awesome services received or simply remind people it's time to pay up.

No Fees to Receive Payments

When people send you money with BRAVO, there are never any fees deducted from your payment and best of all, your tips go straight to your bank account.

Manage Your Income

Powerful dashboards in BRAVO enable you to see your income for the current week or a different period along with a list of your top fans.

BRAVO uses bank-grade encryption and security to protect your information at all times.

Receiving money on BRAVO is always free. Use it for casual tips or to sell merchandise, your choice.

Private Messaging

Beyond payments and tipping, BRAVO allows users to connect and chat without sharing a telephone number or email address.

Ideal for artists, freelancers and small merchants who want to connect with their supporters and fans!​

Messaging between two people requires a transaction to be completed. BRAVO enables you to block people or disable messaging altogether.

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  • “We chose BRAVO because it’s simple, innovative and extremely secure. Our valets make more tips, the restaurants are not inconvenienced by people going in asking for cash, and our guests do not avoid valet for not having cash. I highly recommend BRAVO.”
    Ryan Rabish
    Owner of Integrity and Desert Valet Parking